Pair My iPhone

Prepare your good call™ Handset
(see fig. 1, right)
a) Slide the On/Off Switch to ON.
b) Press and hold the Call () button for 3 seconds until you hear the startup sound.


Prepare your iPhone®
a) Go to Settings >General > Turn ON Bluetooth
b) When "Good Call" appears, select it.
NOTE: The (top) LED will turn white on your good call Handset indication a successtul Bluetooth connection.
Pairing unsuccessful?
a) Restart your iPhone.
b) Then Slide the On/Switch to OFF on your good call™ Handset. Repeat the pairing process above.

To reconnect*
a) Press the End () button OR
b) Slide the On/Off switch to OFF then ON.
NOTE: In order to preserve battery life your Handset will automatically go into standly mode. To wake up the Handset and reconnect follow instructions above.
Fig. 1
NOTE: This is a one-time pairing process.