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sync your teeth into this

You no longer have to worry about fumbling with complex equipment. Syncing your iPhone with iTunes has never been so simple and on demand. The iG1 has a user-friendly approach, and is equipped with a USB connector in every package. It’s smooth sailing all the way.

how long can you last?

Let’s face it, low batteries and dropped-calls can surely kill the mood. The G Series brings you the ultimate amped-up endurance for your communication pleasures. Turbocharge your handset to talk for 4 blissful hours. Welcome to an all-new calling experience.

keep the ring

The Good Call handset imitates your iPhone’s ringtone. So you’ll always hear an incoming call, even when you’re away from your iPhone. So if you pair two handsets, you’ll always know which iPhone is receiving the call. You can even pick up any incoming calls directly from the handset if you can’t find your iPhone. So long, missed calls.

designed with you in mind

We spent over 3 years designing the iG1 to be the ultimate iPhone Accessory. The handset’s ergonomic design is contoured to you. Whether it’s in your hand or cradled under your head, the days of straining your neck and cheek dialing are history. And the weighted, dense dock keeps your iPhone in safe haven, always. It’s all about the highest standard of quality and convenience with a sexy new twist.

toggle your source

With Good Call, you can toggle freely between your Good Call handset, iPhone and speakerphone during a call. So switch to your iPhone when running out of the office and back to the Good Call iG1 when you return. Keeping up with you and keeping you up. Always. More audio features ›

head safety

The G series reduces cell phone radiation by up to 98%, since the handset connects with your iPhone via Bluetooth®. With the well-known debates over the possible health risks of unprotected mobile usage, Good Call allows for peaceful conversation, so you no longer have to worry about the unknown.


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