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conversation made comfortable

If you’re anything like us, wireless headsets and earpieces have left you craving for comfort. Enter Good Call. With auto-answer and hang up, you can easily pick up the handset just when you need it, without having a device in your ear all the time. And the ergonomic design is easy to cradle between your head and shoulder – so if you prefer, you can talk hands-free. It’s convenient, comfortable, and non-intrusive. Welcome to the world where your iPhone just got better!

the ultimate power play

Use the power of Siri to make calling effortless. Press the Call button and tell Siri to "Call Larry". The G Series brings you the best in streamlined technology, befitting your busy lifestyle. Let Siri work for you, and open a whole new world of possibilities. No other device in the universe gives you such a seamless, streamlined approach.

life is too short to be tied down

Your iPhone does NOT need to be docked in order to make calls on the Good Call handset. So enjoy wireless technology. No more constricting wires and cords – go anywhere, anytime. In fact, while the range between the handset and your iPhone is within general Bluetooth standards, the range between the handset and the dock is unlimited. So if you’d like, you can take the handset with you to the beach. Or talk on the Good Call handset while surfing the Web and tweeting the world. It’s a whole new approach to the telephone and the alluring freedom is yours.

charged and ready to play

Long call in the home or office? With the Good Call iG1, you can charge and sync your iPhone while taking a call in style. It’s a whole new approach to convenience that will captivate. So, kick back and relax while on the phone. Save your iPhone’s battery for when it really matters, and never say "my phone needs some juice" again. Better yet, the dock will fit any case – guaranteed, or your money back. NOTE: for the iPhone5, the new Lightning Adapter is required (sold separately).

five bars. forever.

Bad service in your kitchen? Can’t hear anything from the basement? No problem. Simply leave your iPhone where you have the best service, and walk around with the handset freely. It’s reception on your cell – magnified to the best it can be. Only the G Series delivers the hard-driving power to stay ahead of the game. Curious for more? Check out other cool features ›

the succulent sound of HD

Calls come to life with the iG1HD. With the most reliable technology available – including Bluetooth 4.0, Multipoint Technology, Clear Voice Technology (CVT), and Wide Band Speech (WBS) – conversation has never sounded this vibrant and fresh. So transform your calls to HD quality and discover stunning audio. It’s talking like you’ve never heard before! More exclusive HD features ›


a friendly approach

Pairing the Good Call iG1 with your iPhone will take 30 seconds, flat. For most users, even less. We took the guess work out of the setup, so you can be up and running in no time. Once you’re setup, sit back and enjoy the stunning audio and awe-inspiring design.


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