your iphoneraised to infinity

Step up to the ultimate calling experience with the iG1HD

the succulent sound of HD

Calls come to life with the iG1. With the most reliable technology available, conversation has never been this vibrant and fresh. So transform your calls to HD quality and have the best of both worlds. It’s talking like you’ve never heard before!

supreme sound

With Wide Band Speech (WBS) and Clear Voice Technology (CVT), the Good Call iG1 reproduces clean sound with the latest noise-cancelling technology around – background noise simply doesn’t stand a chance. So pick up the handset and talk for hours – your friends and family will never sound robotic again. It’s premium acoustics that even astute listeners will appreciate. Finally, quality conversation is the way you always wanted it to be.

double the fun

Two is better than one – especially when it comes to Bluetooth®. Which is why Multipoint Technology allows the Good Call handset to pair with two Bluetooth-enabled cell phones simultaneously. So you can forward calls from two different devices to one handset. Ringtones, audio toggling, call waiting and all other call features still work the same. How’s that for cool?

latest & greatest

Bluetooth® v4.0 is the most recent version of Bluetooth wireless technology. So the world’s most advanced technology is right at your fingertips. And unlike most Bluetooth devices, the Good Call iG1 delivers potent sound that’s completely echo-free, you might just forget that you’re on a Bluetooth device. It’s audio quality at its finest yet.


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