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Patent-pending, thoughtful design. To the last detail.

designed with you in mind

We spent over 3 years designing the iG1 to be the ultimate iPhone Accessory. The iG1’s ergonomic shape is contoured to you. With its pulse-pounding body and customized compatibility, the days of straining your neck and cheek dialing are history. The unique aesthetic has a patent pending for an innovative, ultramodern design.

evenly balanced

Unlike traditional cordless landlines, Good Call is anything but bulky. Crafted with perfect proportions and evenly distributed weight, it’s a handset made to be held. Light enough to hold for long periods, solid enough to feel powerful. Whether it’s in your hand or cradled between your head and neck, the comfort is guaranteed. It’s the ultimate calling experience.

more... is more.

Unlike most docking stations on the market, the Good Call dock is made of true quality hardware that stays put as you repeatedly dock and undock your iPhone. Weighing in at 11.6 ounces, its inner titanium plates keep the sturdy dock from shifting around. It’s dense. So your iPhone is always in safe haven.

case in point

The Good Call base holds both the handset and your iPhone in a smart, space-efficient footplate. Aside from facilitating a smooth Grab ‘n Go experience, the dock fits any iPhone case – guaranteed, or your money back. Happy docking!


We conceived the Good Call iG1 to be your perfect iPhone companion. With its clean, curved lines and slim silhouette, it complements your iPhone like nothing else. Make it your ultimate fashion statement. It’s all about the highest standard of quality and convenience with a sexy new twist.


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