AUDIO that resonates

Get ready for unparalleled sound. Only from the iG1.

supreme sound

Simply put, the Good Call iG1 delivers uncompromising quality for the sophisticated consumer. We’ve spent three years working with the world’s most advanced components to create a device that reproduces truly magnified, superior audio unlike any other. It’s the kind of quality you’ll have to hear to believe.

crisp as air

Unlike most Bluetooth devices, the Good Call iG1 delivers potent sound that’s completely echo-free, you might just forget that you’re on a Bluetooth device. It’s audio quality at its finest yet. The result of years of intensive research by a leading team of experts. Paired with thoughtful, stunning design. Enjoy it.

water lucid

The Good Call iG1 packs the latest noise-cancelling technology around. So background noise simply doesn’t stand a chance. It’s premium acoustics that even astute listeners will appreciate. Finally, quality conversation is the way you always wanted it to be.

crystal clarity

Reproducing clean, coherent sound is the hallmark of the Good Call iG1. So pick up the handset and talk for hours – you’ll hear clearly, no matter what. Your friends and family will never sound twisted, garbled or robotic again.

toggle your source

With Good Call, you can toggle freely between your Good Call handset, iPhone and speakerphone during a call. So switch to your iPhone when running out of the office and back to the Good Call iG1 when you return. Keeping up with you and keeping you up. Always. Welcome to an all-new calling experience.


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